They launched the Momcozy Breast Pump Bra in 2017 with the intention of solving a problem mothers faced. Breast pumping technology at the time was not optimized for the lifestyle of being a parent or even a working mother.

They weren’t content on simply letting mothers choose between their life or their child’s when there could be a world designed for both. As a team filled with mothers ourselves, they couldn’t ignore it anymore!

So with the help of our dedicated community, they set out to create a product that’s not just designed to give mothers more choice, but to transition the industry towards a new goal, to involve mothers in the design process for their betterment.

Since then, they’ve only done more towards our mission of empowering moms all over the world to feel beautiful and powerful in comfort. From our quick technology evolutions year on year to our full range of specially designed maternity products made for the occasion, they treat all these product lines as essential items, because that’s what they are to there users.

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